How to present Christ to small kids?

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By God’s grace, we have a plan to visit schools in villages to tell Gospel to a country I shall leave unnamed due to security concern especially with the raising of radicalism.
We divided the target audience into two main groups: kids (6 yrs-12 yes) and teenagers (13 yrs - 18 yrs). We can only target those by religion are Christian. This is the only arrangement government allows (where Christian is minority).

The focus is how to present Christ’s salvation to them. I was assigned to focus to the kids group. Although they are born in Christian family, it is not necessarily their faith is in Christ. As I made my preparation and stood in trial before my friends, one feedback was the potential difficulty for kids to understand the material I presented as I had tendency to share the gospel by trying to engage their logical deduction, by theological questions and answer (probably because I watched Ravi Zacharias video too much :smile:) . This seemed to suite the teenagers group better.

While we don’t undermine Kid’s capability to understand, probably there is truth in that feedback. This brings a question which I have been wresting recently, how to present Christ to small kids? This is also a testament how little knowledge I have about Christ :slight_smile:

This is an opened question, any input is appreciated.

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@MrB Some thoughts that I thought were good from David Platt below, as well as one fun illustration and some additional Connect threads. I really think that illustrations and interaction are key with kids. Christ bless you with wisdom as yo continue to share the Gospel with kids!

  • maximize interaction - open ended questions
  • utilize illustration - concrete examples
  • use repetition

This illustration is a fun one. I’m not sure he defined all of his terms as well as might have been helpful for a kiddo, but it’s a pretty vivid illustration and not too hard to do yourself.

(Cameron Kufner) #3

If you want to share some books about Christ to small kids I recommend a few good ones that I’ve personally read.

Author: J. Warner Wallace
Book Title: God’s Crime Scene For Kids

Author: J. Warner Wallace
Book Title: Cold-Case Christianity For Kids

Author: J. Warner Wallace
Book Title: Forensic Faith For Kids

Author: Colton & Todd Burpo
Book Title: Heaven Is For Real For Kids

Hope these books can help explain Christ to the younger ones! May Christ be with you!

(rodney rozario) #4

Hi Mr B Babang, so good to hear that you are given the privilege to share the Gospel with children.I am just going to answer from my own life experience,(I am 75), and some recent experience with my Grandson ,who is 3 years old, Singing is a great way of getting the children to be enthusiast and feel a part of what is being presented, The Songs can be selected as appropriate for the age,but they all love to sing. Christian children songs have been around for ever. and their message is not forgotten. I still remember the songs I sang as a child, The message of Jesus comes through , and after we had been singing “Jesus loves me”,with my Grandson, he spontaneously asked me one day , Who is Jesus, I almost fell over with Joy, and I explained to him that Jesus is God .
All this to say ,Music is powerful, it brings us together ,singing together gives each one of us a window into the presence of God ,and the message is never forgotten .I pray that you can get some great YouTube videos or some instruments to play along , tambourines,that the kids can play, This will set the stage of worship,and a chance to let them know who Jesus is
God Bless you in your assignment, hope this is helpful

(Babang ) #5

Thank you all for the valuable inputs, I really appreciate it.

Hi @selin1976a, singing is a good idea. Could you share with me list of good biblical songs that kids would love to sing from your experience please.