How to present Jesus to my Muslim relative who is just started to enter in faith?

My sister married to Muslim guy. It was kind of shakes in our family as our whole family is Christian(was Hindu before). Even before he was not fully in Muslim. So, my sister’s brother (brother-in-law) agreed to accept Christainity(we didn’t forced him) after having some sessions(bible words) by our church Pastor. He baptized, too.

But here was real dilemma, I felt from my inner heart that he have not fully understand Jesus or accept Jesus as his Saviour. So, i had few conversations and mostly i present my and my family testimony that lead to Christ and so on. Few occassions he asked some questions about Quran and Bible related. So, i knew he was some what interest in the topic(As before i though he is too much of secular then Muslim). I request Him to read bible to know more about Jesus. He said he is not much of reader. So, again i request at least start from 4 gospels (i don’t think he did that too).

From all conversations with him, i found Him as secular guy with mind imprint with some Muslim teachings. I am not much knowledgeable about Muslim and i haven’t read Quaran yet.
So, i am kind of middle how to present him Jesus as God and Saviour with knowing that he have Quaran’s marks(which he got from earlier/younger times going to Mosque). His family is whole Muslim and follow more of or fully Quaran’s teaching.

It would be great to get some suggestions or corrections to my presentation of Jesus to him.
And thank you all in advance.


I suggest you show him some online talks by nabeel qurashi and also nabeel’s books. Nabeel grew up a Muslim until he went to college and was challenged by a Christian friend of his. It took him a couple of years to even leave Islam, but he became a Christian and a speaker.

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Thank you @O_wretched_man for suggestion. I had viewed and listen couple of videos of Nabel Qureshi(was so inpired by Him. Hope i see Him in heaven). But about books, i haven’t read them. I loved to have books from such great apologists like Him, Ravi Zacharias but i have problem in buying those books as in my country international paying system to hard to get by :frowning_face:. So, all i look around are free ebooks, youtube videos and articles in webs. But anyway, thank you. :smile:


Have you ever checked out the answering Islam website? It has great articles on all kinds of topics about Islam and Christianity.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of John Lennox or not, but he has some free ebooks online co authored with theologian David Gooding. Here is the link (Just tap on the book cover to get the PDF):

I would also suggest this website.
Acts 17

You can also view this video as well. They talk about the book since you can’t buy the book.

Thank you, I will try :smile:

Thank you, i will have look at it. :smile: