How to respond to negligent statements?

This statement is given by my friend who firmly believes in Hinduism. How do I reply to such statements if at all someone asks me?

First, I would probably point out that he is engaging in the very thing he is saying his religion doesn’t need. He is advocating that his religion doesn’t need an advocate. So that is a tough position to defend. Perhaps a good starting point would be to question him on this. Tell him that “dharma” does need an advocate and see if he advocates further.

I would question if he understands the meaning of “apologetics,” so perhaps an explanation could be in order.

He also seems to speak of “dharma” as being spotless. That seems to be a personal attribute that he is giving to an impersonal concept.

This might be a good place to start?


Might be, thank you for your valuable reply :slight_smile: @Joshua_Hansen