How To Send A Personal Message ("PM")

Hi friends,

Here’s how to send a personal message in RZIM Connect:

Step 1: Click on the messages tab:


Step 2: Click on “New Message”:

A new, empty message box will pop up.

Step 3: Add the user(s), topic, and message. Click the “Message” button to send:

That’s it!

Q: Are they ‘private’ or ‘personal’ messages?

Please note that there are no private messages in RZIM Connect. For the safety of the community, when our system reports unusual or suspicious activity, a moderator may review PMs as needed.

In addition, if a member of the community sends you a message that does not meet our terms of service, please send a PM to the @connectmoderators group with a link to their message.

Q: Can I Disable PMs?

Yes, you may also disable (or enable) the ability for other members to send you PMs on RZIM Connect. Please see this tutorial: