How to start a discussion group?

(Gersona Andrianarijaona) #1

with some friends at my church, we think of launching something like a discussion group, where we’d be sharing and discussing about tough questions we might have and how they are addressed in the Bible.
it’s pretty exciting but we have no idea of where to begin with. Any suggestions ?

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @gers,

If I could, I would recommend RZIM’s Everyday Questions curriculum. It covers the four fundamental questions that all of us ask: Where are we from? What is the meaning of life? What’s right - and what’s wrong? And where are we headed?

You will get some incredible lectures from the RZIM team and a narrative that helps you think through how to engage with people in a respectful, credible manner.

I think it would provide substance and direction for your group. Then, once you finish the study, you may have a good foundation for next steps.

As your group comes up with tough questions, it’d be an honor if you brought this community into your conversation, and shared those questions with us as well!

(Gersona Andrianarijaona) #3

that seems to be a good idea, i 'll suggest that to my friends and we’ll see