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How to Survive a Desert Season

In today’s Take Five, RZIM France’s Léa Köves draws on the words of Moses to remind us that when we are experiencing absence–of comfort, of hope, of relationships–we must, in those moments, rely on our memories in order to draw from the well of faith.

I wonder how many of us question faith because we don’t see or feel. And this is the issue with desert: we can’t rely on our immediate senses to grasp the breadth of reality.

When you can’t see or feel or rely on your senses, journey back into your memories and remember; remember when you actually felt the transcendent, when you realized you were part of a bigger story, when you saw miracles, and felt you heard God’s voice. Hold on to these memories; they are precious milestones on your way. When you walk the desert, remember.

When Jesus himself suffered in the desert, He renewed his hope in God, and the hope He models for us is that even when we have nothing and lack everything, God is enough!

Make it Personal

  • What have you done or what can you do to cultivate the practice of remembering the works that God has done for you for when you are in a desert season?

  • What are some of those blessings or scriptures to which you return in a desert season?

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