How was the Bible Written?

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Hi everyone, My 93 year young mother-in-law wants to know how the bible was wrtten? Broad question! I have told her it was written thru Holy Spirit inspired men that God selected to pen His words in Scripture…not quite enough for her! Any adds to answer? Blessings Walt

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Hi @wlittle6. I’m curious why it was not quite enough for her. Is there a specific answer she was looking for regarding her question?

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Thanks…Made me realize that I need to ask more questions?

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Yes. Questions are a great tool we could use in evangelism and apologetics. People have assumptions of what they believe about the world, and asking questions can help us see how we could help best in making them understand what we’re trying to communicate. You can ask questions about their reactions or responses to your answers, or you can ask questions about their questions, or you can ask questions to make a point, or use the question to lead somewhere, or ask questions to gather information. Very very useful tool. :slight_smile:

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@wlittle6 Is your mother-in-law Christian? May the Lord grant you wisdom and give your mother-in-law peace about this topic! You may consider, as @omnarchy suggested, asking for clarification. You may also consider giving a very brief answer or sharing a short video and seeing if that clears matters up.

2 Peter 1:21 is a good source of a simple explanation because it highlights that even though the Bible was written by people who were human, they were ‘carried along’ by the Spirit of God. So you could give a very brief response - “The Bible was written by men who were being guided by God’s Spirit”. And then see if she has any follow up questions.

2 Peter 1:21 - “For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.”

Here are a few videos that seem to address some of the core questions. The first video does a good job of explaining how the Bible became the Bible and is communicated clearly. The second is one from Dr. Craig discussing how we can trust what the Bible says even though it is ~2K years old.

The 66 Books of the Bible
My Question:History vs allegory
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Thanks Sean

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@wlittle6 Hope it helped - feel free to ask any follow up questions or ask for clarification - may God strengthen her faith through you!

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Those are great videos, Sean, thank your for sharing. I think the first hurdle I had to jump to get complete confidence that what God says is true, is to completely trust what the Word says.

Here are a couple links that really solidified that for me - it is from a conference that Sean McDowell and J. Warner Wallace did at a church a few years ago…a little longer videos, but WOW did I think they were good for equipping me to have confidence in our Scriptures.

Reason 1: The Bible is Reliable

Reason 2: The Bible is Reliable

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@Steve_LePage Thank you for posting those! I feel like McDowell is actually demonstrating how to reach out to seekers in a compelling fashion even as he is speaking to an audience of believers. His use of stories and an engaging tone is a good example.