How would you begin to answer someone who ask you why it makes sense to believe in God?

If someone asks why it makes sense to believe in God or is logical, how would you begin to answer?
broad questions have a variety of answers you could give so how would you suggest is the best way to start?

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Hi Sadie, thanks for your question! I think you’re right that there’s a lot of different ways to respond.

I might start by taking a step back, and helping the person asking the question understand that we all have faith in different things that we can’t absolutely prove. Even atheists believe there’s no God, even though they can’t prove that he doesn’t exist. We all have reasons for the things we believe too. Sometimes these reasons are good, and sometimes they’re bad. But these reasons can form a cumulative case to give us a good reason to believe in something.

Once you have that foundation laid, it then opens the door to share some of the evidence for your faith, such as the historical evidence for the resurrection, scientific arguments for the beginning and fine tuning of the universe, and more.

Another thing that may be worth pointing out is that the Christian worldview actually helps logic to make sense at all. In an atheistic universe, we’re all random accidents of nature. Our minds and consciousnesses themselves are illusions, as random, evolutionarily-conditioned chemical reactions happen in our brains. We have no reason to trust the thoughts in our heads, as they’re formed only to help us survive and procreate, not find truth.

In contrast, the Christian worldview says that God created us in his image with dignity and love. We have the ability to think and discover truth because of this!

Also, is someone asked me specifically “why it makes sense to believe in God,” I’d want to give them a copy of The Reason Why Faith Makes Sense by my father, Mark Mittelberg. :smiley: