How2Respond2 Questions Series


(Reuben Wong) #1

Hi everyone,

Was inspired to put together a list of questions that might be challenging and common. We remember learning about “asking questions” to have more meaningful conversations and to understand the “question behind the question.”

Hence I’ve started a series titled “How2Respond2” to get your views here. Hope that the pool of Possible Responses to these questions will help us in our engagement with people!

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This is the current listing of questions:

I watched the BBC documentary. Apparently Jesus’ body was found. So I don’t think i can believe in Jesus as God since everyone knows that was proven to be wrong.

Isn’t Christianity the same as being a Catholic? I hear that the original Christians were Catholic!

I think this life is like a test. And how we perform in it, will help me have a good afterlife. My parents raised me up with this karma concept. This makes sense and explains suffering right?

I understand you have Jesus. But i have my God too. So its the same thing.

My mum told me that she was healed by her prophet (or any other founder of worldviews) and saw this happen in a vision. So my God is just as able as yours? I don’t think i need to think about Christianity since this works for me.

Christianity is just some means of control! Have you read the Da Vin’ci code? Think the Bible and its contents are man made and not truthful.