Human Rights have Biblical Origins - How does that change evangelism in your context?

This article popped up on Christianity Today pointing back to Christianity as the source of human rights, one of the most cherished values of secularism. How do you think this reality helps you share Jesus in your context? What are some other evidences you are aware of regarding this connection between human rights and Jesus?

The late Max Stackhouse, professor and director of the Kuyper Center for Public Theology at Princeton, put it this way: “Intellectual honesty demands recognition of the fact that what passes as ‘secular,’ ‘Western’ principles of basic human rights developed nowhere else than out of key strands of the biblically rooted religions.”

It is in Christianity and, more specifically, in the Bible that we find the source of universal human rights. All humans are created in the image of God—this is the abolitionists’ argument for the dissolution of slavery. All women are created in the image of God—this is the argument of women’s rights advocates for equal pay and voting rights. Children are created in the image of God—this is the argument against child labor. For pro-life advocates, this truth extends even into the womb, as they argue that every fetus is a human being, an image bearer in utero, and therefore is deserving of freedom and life.


Hi Sean, I read the article and what stands out for me is the quote from M.L. King, "All segregation statutes are unjust because segregation distorts the soul and damages the personality.” That in my view is central to what Steve Biko and his Black consciousness movement in SA were all about. ‘As a man thinketh…’ (And unfortunately that legacy still lingers on.) But how does this change in my evangelism?

Firstly trying to view all people as being made in the image of God. All are valuable to God. Treat every person equally. (I was not a racist when I came to SA, but I became one the longer I stayed here. Now I am seeing people differently.)

Secondly treating women equally. (I was an MCP before.)

The Scriptures revealed to me that I was wrong, so I am changing.

Stay blessed


@billbrander Encouraged to hear how God is working your heart brother :slight_smile: May Christ continue to lead and guide and grant you wisdom as you seek His face!

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Yes, absolutely. The USA was founded by God fearing believers. The power of prayer and diligence delivered us from WWII, when the world formed the United Nations to ensure genocide and atrocities would not occur. But as we can see, when nations depend on themselves for compassion and sacrifice, compromises are made.

Our USA culture has also denied truth and make even the inane a human right. Groups even call themselves “Human Rights…” when they promote decisions that are not backed up by God. ‘We want our cake and eat it to.’ — Excuse the rant…

We deny science with babies undercover. We justify every lifestyle decision. We even as Christian’s stop telling people the Gospel because the culture has prohibited disclosure of personal belief,but others are given ‘carte blache’ with their ideas of why they are what they are when they are and how they are. God tells us. He makes us. He loves us. He asks us to give him everything and to find forgiveness, born again eternity with him. And after knowing Him to still surrender everything to him. We were bought with a price. We are His doublos, slaves of the Messiah, Christ. He plans for our lives. Nothing is off the table.

God teaches us what human rights mean. Total submission to the Lover of our souls. I worked for a HR Organization working in 94 poor countries with communities. Sorry for going on and on.


@Mkibos Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: I agree it is so important to remember that all people, from the smallest to the greatest, are made in God’s image. I am encouraged by your desire to serve others in Jesus’ name and pray that the Lord would use you to bind up the brokenhearted and strengthen the weak.

How do you think we can reach others with the love of Jesus even if they may disagree with our view of politics? How can we graciously share Christ’s truth in love on such sensitive topics?

#1 Turn to the LORD in these situations. The Holy Spirit will guide the conversation. Also acknowledge the LORD God is SOVEREIGN helps. So He know those who might HATE on you. It’s a spiritual battle. They are ‘hook line and sinker’ caught by the Devils philosophies for life. I constantly pray in my head. I ask God for direction and what to even say. Then I shake off any anger and insecurities. I remind myself that it is not about me. And hold onto Love. The Lord Jesus is amazing. I have been in passionate discussions with highly intelligent aetheists, progressive liberals, and supreme humanists. God never leaves us. He never forsakes us. God loves them and us.

I also pray in the Spirit after, ask the Lord to break the bonds of hell and death over them. But nothing seems perfect. You may feel like a loser. Humiliated. Or lost.

But we have to rebuke negative ideas and acknowledge that God Almighty is in control, not us. We have to remain willing to be used by the LORD Almighty. Recently the LORD asked me to be open to pray with people to receive His forgiveness, healing, and deliverance. Not to assume that they will be resistant or don’t want Jesus. Many hearts are hungry. Faces tell a fake story. The Holy Spirit knows.


Wow, thank you for your honesty. Thank you for pointing out that the scriptures reavealed the truth to you and that in turn, is changing you. That is the transforming Power of God.

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Mashinkah, I give a hearty “hear, hear” to this. In SA they took all “faiths” out of our schools. Now they want to bring “gender diversity” into our primary education, because the gay community feel that children must learn from a young age (6-8) that a person’s sexual orientation has to be respected. But having now completed the Bible Elective, I would say that that is what God wants us to do - show grace and respect
to all.
Personally I believe that our biggest challenge here is race, and I’d prefer young children learn how to interact across colour lines. And the Bible once again tells us.
Thank you