Husband and wife becoming head pators

Good evening brothers and sisters. Please school me I see a lot of churches lately where a husband and wife are called senior pastors. I see it’s becoming a norm nowadays that if the husband is called a prophet the wife will be called a prophetess.

Is this even biblical. I am asking this question because it’s bothering me a great deal. Churches have become a family business.

It just does not make sense.

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@nsiba Good question :slight_smile: What particular denomination is this practice common in? I think the questions I would tend to ask in a situation such as this one are:

  • are both people truly gifted to fulfill their roles?
  • is there an appropriate form of accountability? If its all in the family without any outside accountability, that could lead to issues.

Other than that, I also think we should be careful about labeling anyone a prophet or a prophetess. I am not sure what that term means in the Church context you are describing, but I think it is not the most Biblical term for a Church leader. (See thread at bottom)

That said, the article below from Christianity Today suggest that husband and wife as copastors can be a healthy model if it is done well.


Balance seems to be the key to co-pastoring success. The two are clear about their strengths and weaknesses, and when to lead and when to supportively follow the other’s direction.

Research wise, the smoothest transitions are if you have an overlap. When there’s a known person transferring to another known person, whether family member or not. And if the congregational elbows each other when they finally hear the announcement of who’s going to be the new lead pastor and say, “I knew that was coming,” that’s good and healthy because they have had the chance to adjust. But the question is, is there a glass ceiling in the church? If you don’t have the family name, can you only go so far? If so, then I would say that’s an unhealthy environment. Because that’s saying that the gifts of God are limited to a pecking order where my family gets first dibs.

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