I am okay with meaninglessness!

(Prashant Pradhan) #1

My friends during his talk . Says he is okay with meaninglessness .
How do I respond to it …?

(Kenny) #2

I think I sort of remember Ravi Zacharias’ response to something like this. But pardon me, no offence intended.

You: It is important to have meaning in life.
Friend: It is okay to just settle for meaninglessness.
You: Do you really mean it?
Friend: Yes I do.
You: Is what you say even meaningful?
Friend: …

But okay back to the main topic, to be honest, I don’t really have much to advise on it. It is one thing for someone to one to seek out the truth and find meaning in their life. However, if they do not wish to seek out for any meaning at all, then it you are actually trying to force Christ down his / her throat. The better option would be to maintain that relationship, and continue with your walk, so that one day, they will feel that they need help from God, and the person whom they will seek will be you. Just a personal thought. Maybe others will have a different viewpoint in relation to this matter.

(Rob Lundberg) #3

If your friend says that he is okay with meaninglessness, ask him if he finds that meaningful or meaningless.

(Prashant Pradhan) #4

Thank you so much for your reply

(Prashant Pradhan) #5

Hahahah !!!
Funny but very true !!

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(SeanO) #6

@Prashant_Pradhan Will pray for wisdom as you reach out to your friend :slight_smile: You might try questions like:

  • but if there was the possibility of having a life of meaning and purpose, wouldn’t it be worth pursuing? If they say no, ask ‘how come?’
  • don’t you think there are some things in life - like laughter with friends around a campfire or the love in a family - that scream out there is meaning, there is purpose?

You may find this thread helpful:

(Prashant Pradhan) #7

Your words are always graceful !
Thank you so much …
And I did read you article … it was really helpful

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(SeanO) #8

@Prashant_Pradhan Great to hear! Praying for wisdom and that God’s Spirit would create unrest in your friend’s heart.

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