I didnt have a question i just wanted to say hello!

Hello :wave:

Where are you from?
I am from Washington
What led you to join Connect?
My uncle wanted me to try it out!
How do you hope to contribute?

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Hey Andrew @andrewlovesgod2006, Welcome. Glad to have you here. I used to live in Everett, WA too. Now I am in Virginia. My parents are still there. Your uncle is a great guy. He pointed you to the right place. As you probably have seen the forum has many sections and great topics. Please explore it as you like and ask if you have any questions. It’s a non-judgemental environment. I hope you feel at home. Message me in private too if you have questions.

God Bless.

Hello Andrew, and you are most welcome to join in the forum and engage as you are able. My first question that I did not ask was what is connect all about? Did not take long to see a respectful, caring, and loving forum wanting to help me grow and learn how to answer the hard questions we have and hear.
May you find this as well.

Welcome to Connect!

Welcome aboard @andrewlovesgod2006. So glad that you followed your Uncle’s advice and are trying it out. I hope that you have an opportunity of check some of the categories out. The discussions are very good and very kind. It is an absolute blessing to be able to converse with christians across the globe. God-bless you in your journey.

Hello Andrew feel welcomed. I am sure you will have an impact and contribute here. Do not let not knowing be a limitation.

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