I need help with a paper

(Alex Hurtado) #1

I am going through BIola’s certificate of apologetics program, now in the second module and one to go.

I wrote two paper for this module but I am not sure they are written correctly. They are short essays two page long.

English is my second lenguaje and In module 1 I had problems with my writing skills
So I was wondering if any of you could be kind and check them for me. I be glad if you give me your comments and suggestions.

Please send to me your email address so I can send to you the papers.

Alex Hurtado

(Dave Kenny) #2

Hi Alex. It would be my pleasure to offer some feedback

[email protected]


(SeanO) #3

@Alex_Hurtado Not sure if you have tried it, but a close friend of mine whose second language is English found grammarly to be beneficial. It’s not perfect, but it can get you one step closer.

(Alex Hurtado) #4

Sean: Thank you so much.

(Anthony Costello ) #5

Send them

[email protected]