I want to thank everyone for your prayers and kind words

May our Father bless you all for such kindness…

Thank you all so much… in my heart I can not express my gratitude for all of your prayers and words of encouragment. I do not even know where to begin.

Ms. Sharon has been a rock and a fortess in Chrsitian love to bring me into her good keeping. There are no words to thank her and all of you, my family in Chirst to have never even met any of you

But isn’t this the beauty of our Lord to allow us this conduit in RZIM academy to be able to even reach others all over the world in His service? People we will not have met or know or come to love even.

There are a million words I can write for my deepest gratitude and apprecation for all every one here, I truly read your words humbled and stunned. For who am I?

Psalm 138
’ I give thanks, O Lord, with
my whole heart;
before the gods I sung your
I bow down toward your holy
and give thanks to your name
for your steadfast love and your
for you have exalted above
all things
your name and word.
On the day I called, you
answered me;
my strength of soul you
increased. ’

All glory to our God.

Thank you every one again. I truly have no words.



To God be the glory amen

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