I wasn’t ready but God called

Hello and let me start off with God bless. I am 3 years into my life of really searching for God. I was like many living a worldly life where I thought I was good. Boy was I wrong. God found me when thoughts of suicide started to get louder. I reached hard with an open heart to the Bible. Since that day 3 years ago God has started something in my life where big change has come. Right now I am leading my family through Godly standards. I have also with the work of the Lord started a basketball men’s group where we play and then fellowship together. I’m excited to see where this journey takes me. Humbling myself daily and looking for Godly guidance. It’s not about me but I want to push.


Wow @kmdrake25! What a dynamic testimony of a God at work! In fact, I would love to read your full testimony of how God reached you at #christian-growth:member-testimonies, if you would be willing. I really enjoy reading how God uniquely touches individuals and how He brings them to Himself.

It is neat to hear how you are turning around and investing in your family and now men’s fellowship, all because of what the LORD has done and Who He is to you. May you continue getting to know Him as you run this race diligently and faithfully.

Glad you are here!
Philippians 1:9-11


So good to meet you on Connect, @kmdrake25 - I believe this is a great place to find the kind of guidance you are seeking. May you have wonderful conversations on this site!


Welcome aboard @kmdrake25. Thank you for coming alongside us with such enthusiasm. I hope your energy is infectious. Thank you for your testimony. Please get involved as much as you are able. Encourage a new member or help somebody that might be struggling if you can. God-bless you and your journey.