Ideas for apologetic series needed

Hi everyone,
I’m presenting a three-part series on apologetics to a high school group. My first talk was on the most popular evidences for the resurrection (the empty tomb, the appearances, the transformations of Christ’s followers). My second lecture was on the aftermath of the resurrection (how it changed society and birthed the church, i.e. the book of Acts). I need help in deciding what my third talk is going to be on, preferably something that has to do with the resurrection as it would have a nice flow-of-thought. I realize now that my first two talks could have been broken up into 6 lectures but it’s a little too late for that now ;). Any help would be much appreciated. And resources are always welcome. Thanks!

Perhaps a great follow up to the resurrection would be the reliability of the Scriptures? Their value and reliability of historical accounts?

Peter J. Williams book, Can We Trust the Gospels is a great, short, accessible resource.

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Thanks Joshua! I will definitely look into it.