If confronted with Violent Protesters

My question is: if you are out in town and a “protest” with a bullhorn shows up where you are with other people having dinner, what is the Christian’s best response to the Marxist tactics of yelling and violence? Would you suggest: a. quietly praying, pay your bill and leave? b. start singing lifting the name of Jesus up? c. comforting others around you and making sure others are safe?

I don’t believe in talking to screaming people who don’t want to talk. But it does feel like our rights and freedoms in America are being violently challenged. As Christian first and US citizen second, I think often of Germany in the 1930’s and don’t want my grandchildren to condemn me for inaction. I am not afraid, I just don’t want to cast pearls before the swine, I just want to bring Jesus to others who are being cowed in these situations.

Sorry, not a clear question, but certainly want to be prepared with an answer for those who may listen in times of “protests.”
Thank you, Victoria


I LOVE this truly timely question! I’ve pondered on it myself, but it sound like you’ve lived it. I’m so glad you brought it here to the podcast category on Connect!
Would you like your post to be submitted directly to one of the podcast teams? We are currently discussing this under Abdu Murray’s The Defense Rests. I’d love to know if Abdu would respond to this, and I’d be glad to see if we can get a dialogue going here.

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Hi April,
I am new, so I didn’t know if this was in the “shame” or “virtue signaling” category that Abdu has spoken about.
Thank you.


Hi Victoria,
I don’t know how he would come at this. He has spoken about the shame and virtue queues.

Hola, pienso que la pregunta es muy contingente y necesaria. Soy de Chile y como sabrán estuvimos bastante complicado con aquello del denominado “estallido social” de octubre pasado. Y al respecto se ha discutido bastante sobre el rol de la Iglesia y de los creyentes en particular. Pienso que es un tema profundo, con muchas aristas, pero esto no debiera llevarnos a tener una posición pasiva o tener una neutralidad mal entendida . Creo que debemos también dar razón de nuestra fe, con mansedumbre, sabiduría y discernimiento del contexto histórico que el Señor nos ha permitido vivir. Sabiendo que en todo debemos darle la gloria a Él.

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Thank you @Amunche for your wise comment. We have submitted this topic to Abdu Murray’s office and we are hopeful that we will hear some thoughts from him on the topic.

Thank you for your comment.

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Just some thoughts.

As you indicate talking go these screaming yelling persons will not work because they do not want a dialogue with you. They do not want a civil debate or to listen to reasoned arguments.

But so called “silent majority” cannot remain silent. As you indicated they do so to the detriment of themselves and their offspring.

America was founded on Judaeo-Christian principles. It has been a country that honors and respects different beliefs. It has been a great country for over two centuries. Have there been parts of the history that have not been good. Yes of course there has been. If there are inequities and injustices then let’s debate and discuss that point.

However there can be no discussion when flags, buildings and bibles are being burned, and statutes are being demolished. To quote Churchill “you cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth”.

People have to be bold.

Write a letter to the editor (is that old fashioned?). Support a person who gets fired for standing up for what is right. Stop this insane idea of defunding of the police. I am all for having a responsible police budget (as with any organisation) and I am all for prosecuting an officer who commits a crime (as with any other individual).

What about “turning the other cheek”? I believe that this refers to the command to not seek revenge. I do not believe that this means that we simply turn a blind eye to wrong doings. We stand up for what is right. We support the person who stands up for what is right. And if some changes are needed we do so in a civil and legal manner.



I agree this is the time like no other in modern history that Christians in the U.S. are called to courage and boldness while communicating truth. It requires trust with where the Lord has placed us, and reliance on the Holy Spirit for action and words.