If dinosaur bones have been found with red blood cells intact, doesn't that indicate a young earth?


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A friend told me dinosaur bones have been found with red blood cells in tact, indicating a young earth. Is the finding true, and does that prove a young earth, not the old earth as suggested in the Core Curriculum?

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The finding is true but it does not prove a young Earth. Remnants of red blood cells, collagen, amino acids, and proteins can be preserved for tens of millions of years or more if such organic material is isolated from oxygen, bacteria, sunlight, and significant radiation. Since the remnants of red blood cells that Mary Schweitzer had discovered were inside dinosaur bones that had been cut off from oxygen, bacteria, sunlight, and any significant radiation, they were well preserved in spite of being dated as 68 million years old. My colleague, biochemist Fazale Rana, has written a book answering your question in depth. It is titled, Dinosaur Blood and the Age of the Earth. It was published by RTB Press in 2016 and can be obtained here: http://shop.reasons.org/product-p/b1601.htm

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