If God made everything, who made God?

Hi @Nathan_Rittenhouse, my daughter asked me “If GOD made everything, who made GOD?” How would you answer this?

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Hi Jason, it is encouraging to hear that your daughter has great questions! This one is a fun one because it challenges us to define what a God is and which God we are talking about. From a Greek god perspective they do have origin stories. For example, Zeus pops out of Chronos’ (Father Time’s) head. However, from a Judeo-Christian perspective when we use the word “God” we by definition mean “an un-created being.” So by definition God isn’t made, that’s what it means to be God. He is the only thing that is, that never didn’t exist. So she is on the right track in her thinking because if God was made, he wouldn’t be much of a God. What we are then seeking is the ultimate un-made and supreme being; That’s what we mean when we say God. Fortunately, He has made Himself known to us as a loving heavenly Father whom we can come to know through Jesus Christ. How great is that?