If God, Why the Coronavirus? …And Your Other Tough Questions about Faith

Hi @Interested_in_Evangelism,

Tune in for a livestreamed Q&A from the Zacharias Institute on Friday, March 20 at 7:00 p.m. EDT.

In this time of fear and uncertainty amidst the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we invite you to join us for Q&A with three RZIM speakers: award-winning lawyer Abdu Murray and Drs. Vince and Jo Vitale.

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Free Livestream!

On March 20th, we will have a free livestream of the event available here.

You can watch the talks and participate in a discussion with the global RZIM Connect family!

This event replaces the previously scheduled Skeptics Night at the Brooklyn Tabernacle.


Carson I am sure this will be very informative. I am certain he will cover this as well.
A thoughtful responce to a fear filled, panicked individual that many will encounter as things get worse?


I look forward to it :handshake:


Hello @CarsonWeitnauer. I have a question.

It seem to be, that Our God is in possession of three major attributes: Love, Truth and Justice.

can anybody dare to apply this attributes to the current world wide disaster on his way, to God?

The challenge is also addressed, to everyone I RZIM.


Hello Genaro,

Thank you for your question. It is an excellent one. To make sure that I understand it correctly, are you asking if these attributes of God, love, truth and justice, can still be attributed to Him in light of this disaster or is it in trying to reconcile the dilemma that God, who is loving, truthful and just, would allow such a disaster?

If it is the first question: Is God still loving, truthful and just when there is a disaster taking place around us or maybe even affecting us directly? We must look at the covenant He has made with His children, which is His Word, for our answer. The last book of the Old Testament gives us important information. “I the LORD do not change.” (Malachi 3.6) The New Testament confirms that truth. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” (Hebrews 13.8)

The unchanging and immutable nature of God, in the midst of tremendous change around us (Isaiah 54.10), is our rock and our hope and our source of strength. The character of God is directly tied into His word and the promises that He makes to His children. He tells us that His word will never pass away and He is faithful to all His promises. (Matthew 24.35, Psalm 100.5) and even our unbelief towards Him does not change His nature. (Romans 3.3)

To address the second question: How can God, who claims to be loving, truthful and just, allow this disaster? Maybe a question before that question. Does God allow disaster? The Bible has countless stories of God allowing disaster to come upon His children and wicked people alike. We must remember these disasters were in no way arbitrary (random or personal whim) on the part of God. They always came with repeated warnings about continuing to engage in specific and named sins, a time to allow for repentance, and sometimes God would reveal the exact consequences that would follow.

How did God personally feel about having to take such measures? He grieved. He was moved in His heart with great sorrow. (Jeremiah 42.10) He takes no pleasure in even the death of the wicked. (Ezekiel 18.32) He did it because He loved and still loves the individual and the nations and the world. (Isaiah 49.15-16) He does it for the purpose of restoring people to Himself (Psalm 51, 2 Chronicles 7.14, 1 Peter 5.10)

We can trust a God who becomes angry, after much patience with us, when we continue to walk in sin. We can trust a God who displays His wrath towards sin. Those very things reveal His personal investment, the motivation behind the actions taken and what is really the driving force of His heart.


The purest, highest, and holiest there is.

The love of our Creator for each and every single one of us on this planet.

Grace and peace to you,
Mary Beth


My friends always ask me if we are already living in the end times? So, is coronavirus one of the signs that Jesus will return soon?

Thank you so much. Your answer will be a great help.


Hai Carson.

Thank you for this info. The topic is really interesting and I’d love to join. Since i just join, I’m wondering how I could join the livestream… is there any link or part of this forum that I should click? Grateful for your advice :slight_smile:


Hi @Louisa_Hartono,

Thank you for your question! I’ve added the link to the original post. So, when the livestream starts, just hit ‘play’ on the video and it will begin for you!


Will this be available to watch as a recording later? I was hoping to watch live, but now it’s looking like I can’t. Thank you!


Yes, it will!


Wonderful – thank you!!


@domingoosabel this is a good question. I would love to hear some of the speakers’ positions’ on this. Jesus told us to be watchful :facepunch: Matthew 24:42

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Good morning @CarsonWeitnauer and everybody else who is joining us. Brian here, joining from China. I am from Ireland originally and am an apologist in training :call_me_hand:

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Hi @brianlalor! Good to see you as always!

Hi friends, if you’re watching tonight, please reply to let us know where you’re watching from!

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Hi Genarito,

Lots of good resources on this topic but since you polled the crowd: I’ll suggest, that God is hurt by sin and brokenness and disease and disaster, and HE is coming back. This world is not the end, its the difficult means we have to work within on our way back home to Him. Then, he did us one better, and came to us. Now we wait and work and suffer alongside him as we await his return. Keep hope. I love you. -tanner


I enjoy Vince’s Aunt Regina story. That is the heart of what I have learned from RZIM, “answer the questioner”.

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Are we going to have all the answers to this question. I don’t think so.

I think that’s reassuring. There are good answers, but that doesn’t mean everything makes sense - no matter what perspective you look at this from.

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I believe the Christian God came and suffered with us…

What other perspective suggests such hope for the suffering we are seeing right now?


Excellent perspective on endtimes by Abdu.