If Jesus is God, how can he die?

In regards to Thomas’ response to Jesus: Your husband’s position a common one now days and not something surprising. Yet, I think you will find Dr. Walter Martin deals with this in the audio YouTube teaching I posted. Thomas refers to Jesus using God’s personal name, he bows before Him ( a sign of worship). In Jewish (HEbrew) tradition, if a Rabbi were to have someone refer using God’s personal name they would cry blashpeme. If a person on top were to bow down before them in worship calling them “my Lord and my God”… the right response would be for them to cry blaspheme and wrent their clothes. Jesus doesn’t do this. In fact, He accepts it, acknowledges it and then says, “blessed are those who believe and yet haven’t seen”. He gives His approval of what Thomas is doing. I think Dr. Walter Martin’s teaching is the best on this subject as he unpacks it verse by verse, line by line. Blessings.


Hello, I sympathize with you but take heart because Jesus Christ knows where you are. Your husband is having questions and God is interested in reaching him more than you think. Simply entrust him into God’s hands and do right according to God’s standard. Remember in Jn 19: 37, Jesus said …You are right in saying I am a king." But King of where? He further said … for this I ame into the world , to testify to the truth…" Jesus came from Heaven, He is a King. Isaiah 9:6b says Jesus is the Mighty GOD, … in verse 7 the bible says He will reign … over his kingdom. Jesus is King, God and our Savior. Trust Him. I hope this helps.


Dear Patrice, you are so welcome!

May the Lord continue to bless you both, and your whole family! Love and a Jesus hug! Angela WG

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@EliezerS This is a great point. I felt Bill’s anger when he talked about someone telling his wife that her husband is going to Hell. Maybe we need to let God pronounce eternal judgements while we seek to persuade with gentle spirits. (On a side note, I do not recall ever hearing Ravi telling anyone that they are going to Hell. This is something to ponder…)

@Patrice_Taibi I feel great sadness for Tony as I read your posts. The more that you describe him the more I see a man who is really struggling to comprehend something that the greatest theological minds in history have never fully comprehended, and never will fully comprehend. He has not grasped that “God made foolish the wisdom of the world” (1 Corinthians 1:20b, ESV). He is trying to attain the unattainable. If “the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men” (1 Corinthians 1:25, ESV), then how can he possibly hope to comprehend this most essential trait of God?

Your description of what he believes about what we call the three persons of the Trinity reveals a desperate attempt to bring God within his grasp, as if God will not reach to him. His parsing of words makes me think of someone who examines every crack in a sidewalk with a magnifying glass and concludes that the sidewalk is not safe. How bleak!

I am praying for God to grant you patience and a quiet but strong spirit as his wife. I am also praying that God softens his heart and strengthens his spirit so that he can truly walk in faith in the Triune God.

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Micheal this is where I am, thankfully, at the moment with all the insights and encouragements. Prior to my reaching out on rzim, I was really mad, and didn’t even want to be in the same room as he was doing his study. I am more empathic now, not taking it so personal, but rather worried about him.


Hello Fumni, I love these scriptures you quoted! So succinct.


This: “the greatest theological minds in history have never fully comprehended”, was basically something one of his best friends told him when he shared his struggle. And that he leaves these “things” to the greater minds and focuses on the work of Christ.

I have said, there are so many other things to spend time doing, as @EliezerS shared:

Thank you so very much for helping me decipher through all he is believing and not. He has shared that he still struggles in this and that gives me hope. He is a wonderful, humble and loving man.

these prayers…
patience and a quiet but strong spirit as his wife.
God softens his heart and strengthens his spirit so that he can truly walk in faith in the Triune God.
I am so grateful.

Please include in praying for me that dry bones would be brought to life again and our marriage and life together would become better than ever. This September, we celebrate 30 years of marriage ( and prior to that friends 7 years) .


Pray for Him and pray that God will help you know how and when to speak. As it says in Proverbs – discernment and discretion will guard you: discernment is where you are at. You have recognized a problem and are getting insight. Discretion
is what we need – God’s help to know when and how to deliver the message so that it reaches the heart.


Hey, What does he mean by a “law of agency”? Thks,

I’ve learned this can be used on both ‘sides’. But, also would negate the use of schools, colleges, workshops, symposiums, etc., if we did not ‘use’ the law of agency to learn.

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Dear Patricia,
Could it be that this question of Trinity was there all along.
Searching the Holy Scriptures is a way of getting to know God better.
The Scriptures were given to us to draw us into a closer relationship with Him, not the other way around.
Could it be in his heart he believes in the Trinity and in his head he wrestles with this.
Sometimes we know what is right in our heart, but the head wants to deny it.
I pray that he will find the Truth.
God is always showing us the Way,
If we keep looking to Him, we will find our answers.
I hope this helps. I will pray for both of you.
God is Good to All, and his mercy is over all that he has made. Psalm 145:9
Fred Proch

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Thank you. God bless always.

Dear Michael,
Thanks so much for such a clear picture of the greatest story! May
God bless and continue to enlarge yuur dear heart!
Angela WG

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Angela – your welcome. As you said, “the greatest story”… nothing else compares. The more we study it the more beauty emerges.