Ifeanyi Idoko


I joined from Nigeria

I have an interest in accurate apologetics

I hope to participate by asking questions, providing answers where I can and arming myself with the knowledge of the truth.

It’s so wonderful to be here!


All excellent reasons to join Connect - so glad to meet you, @ifeanyimiracleidoko - I look forward to great conversations with you!


Welcome to Connect @ifeanyimiracleidoko. I am glad to know about your interest in apologetics. I believe this is the need of the hour because false teachers and false prophets are increasing. They have misled millions by their misinterpretation of scripture to suit their selfish gains. Many believers are trapped in cults. They have been brainwashed by their leaders with a different gospel and are not willing to accept correction.

I am sure that this forum will equip us and help us to approach the problem in the right manner.

Be blessed.

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Welcome aboard @ifeanyimiracleidoko. Thank you for coming alongside us from Nigeria. I found it interesting also how you characterized apologetics as accurate. I think accurate apologetics is very important. What do you mean by accurate apologetics and can you give a example of inaccurate apologetics that you have read? Thank you for being willing to answer questions and to participate. God-bless you and your journey.