Iliana Gerasimenko


My name is Iliana and I took part in the Core Class at RZIM.
I am excited to join this community for the purpose of discussion and further education, as we can sharpen one another to be better equipped to further the Kingdom of God :slight_smile:


Hello Iliana and welcome :slightly_smiling_face:. Connect is a great place to learn from people all around the world and to grow together as a wider community in Christ.

God bless

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Welcome Iliana @irepchrist242. Glad that you are here. Yes please share and feel at home. God Bless You.

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Welcome aboard @irepchrist242. It is so good to have you joining us. Congratulations on that completing the core module. What in your opinion was the most impactful for you? I hope you get to share some of the responses and tenets from that course with somebody here. They will be blessed by you or guidance. God-bless you and your journey.

@irepchrist242 Nice to meet you!

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Hello @irepchrist242 welcome to connect, it is great to have you here. Yes we sharpen each other in our apologetics efforts as we ask questions. All answers at times bring up other questions so we dig deeper into truth to find real answers. Be safe and secure out there.

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