I'm back!

Good Afternoon Everyone

I’m from Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada. I was a member of RZiM Connect back in 2018 and 2019 but somehow I misplaced my password and could not figure out how to reset my password. After watching and participating in the Global Apologetics Conference, I decided to create a new account.

When I participated in RZIM Connect before, I found that there were many interesting people with very interesting comments and questions. I found that the more I read the questions and at times added my 2 cents worth, the more my faith grew.

I have taken some courses from the academy, have enjoyed OCCA in 2018 and enjoy being a part of the RZIM Builders team. I look forward to being a part of the conversations within the large world wide church of Jesus Christ.


Welcome back, @al.dyck!

Welcome Al,

It is wonderful that you are participating with us again on Connect and in the Global Apologetics Conference, what were some of your most memorable moments during the Conference?