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I’m from Durham NC
A question about communion

I hope to learn more than I contribute, but I’ll add my 2 cents every now and then :smile:

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Hello Todd, I’m so glad you joined Connect. Many questions have already been asked and answered here. Maybe your question goes in this direction: why is communion only for believers Otherwise just post it (category Bible questions would be appropriate) and I’m sure you’ll get an answer. Welcome :smiley:

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Welcome to Connect, Todd. :slightly_smiling_face: May you find this a welcoming community where we show Christ’s love for one another through both our questions and answers. I’ve found it to be such a treasure trove of knowledge from folks around the world. Looking forward to learning more from you and hearing your questions.

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A warm welcome, Todd! @coolimprov :slight_smile:

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I’ve been in an Anglican setting for over 40 years, where we celebrate communion every Sunday.
Last year , I was informed about the C in a way that I’d never seen before
Had to do with the translation of “ eat” from the Greek
A concordance search had revealed that there were 6 different meanings to “eat”, one of which was “to chew”
So I searched the Scriptures to see their context…was amazed at how many were in the context of the communion idea…please check the concordance contexts for yourself.
So the “ Why would Jesus choose this word( chew) when HE said about the bread
“ Take and eat ( chew) this bread ( matzo) in remembrance of me” ?
You can buy matzo at any large grocery store
It’s like a large cracker, with pin holes and slightly burned.
Burning suggests the heat of the Father’s judgment of the sin Jesus was bearing?
Pin holes suggests the body pearcing Jesus received
“Chewing suggests…crushing food between your teeth…a reminder of the tremendous pressure endured in the garden of Gethsemane, as Jesus took on the sin, sickness, disease and death of all people who lived and will live on this earth? and will die here too?
So the chewing greatly expands the suffering that Jesus endured on the Cross!?
Any other thoughts to add to this?
Neil mace1