I'm Hiding Who I Really Am...But Can God Handle It?

Are there parts of yourself that you’re desperately hiding today? “The fact is that we all hide…not just from others, but even from ourselves. But seeing ourselves as we really are is the beginning of sanity, the beginning of the adventure of transformation.” This week on Take Five, Tanya Walker is spending each weekday exploring an intriguing phrase that appears multiple times in the Bible, “eyes that see and ears that hear,” to dare us to engage with and trust our deepest self to a saving, healing God.

It’s a very appealing idea, isn’t it? Not just that we would be more beautiful than we might imagine, but also that we would be so modest as to not know the fact. Unfortunately, though, the video isn’t true.

Are we sure that we see ourselves clearly?

Are there parts of ourselves that we are desperately hiding today, parts of ourselves we are blind to? Because seeing ourselves as we really are is the beginning of sanity, the beginning of the possibility, the adventure of transformation, the beginning of freedom.

Make it Personal

  • Do you think you see yourself clearly?

  • Why do you think it takes such humility and courage to pray, “show me who I really am, God”? What might come of praying that in earnestness, do you think?


@jspare. Oh, brother! Well, asking the question and realizing the answer is not a problem. I come from a background of people who had a vested interest in controlling the narrative. I guess it was their way to dictate the impressions, or opinions others had of them. But I learned to hate the process. I had front row seats viewing the outcome of such deception. So, secrecy or hiding, in a walk with the Lord, I will always flee. I am most happy when I am fully exposed before the Lord. But that desire does not always assure me of transparency. I am reminded, often, to be adamant and deliberate about positioning myself for this honest appraisal.

Sometimes I am like a person who stands before a mirror in the morning, preparing for the day. I leave the bathroom feeling clean and confident in my appearance. I have discovered though; if I don’t check my imagery often, I miss the times when I have become disheveled or unsightly.

So, asking GOD to “show me who I really am,” is not uncomfortable. Failing to let that mind remain in me. Allowing distractions, tv, computer, my thoughts, other people, social conditions, and etc.; is where I lose my transparency. I can get so busy in my own way, I fail to live mindful of GOD’s perspective. By the day’s ending, I am feeling disconnected. Often I find myself settling for the ease of the moment. I have become more religious than holy. I hate that space, really do.

Certainly as never before; I feel an urgency to stand unmasked and fully known before the Lord. I don’t want to make such a life-altering investment only to admit at the end, that I was not completely honest. That I withheld some of me from the Lordship of JESUS.

I believe it factors into my ability to know GOD’s favor one hundred-fold in this life. Such dishonesty could cost me, Heaven. That makes it a matter of survival and life-sustaining. Not necessarily my humility or courage. I guess what others think of me has a temporary impact. But GOD’s opinion is vital.