I'm kind of confused

Why does Jesus tell parables and stories about the Son of Man if he’s considered the Son of Man himself. Can anyone provide me with details where Jesus specifically states “I am the Son of Man” or at least mentions it? I know verses where he states that He is God through flesh, but I don’t know any verses about the Son of Man part. Your help will be appreciated. Thanks you!

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A good place to start is: Matthew 16:13–19. Jesus clearly identifies himself as the Son of Man.

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Here is a short video clip by the Bible project that might help clarify if you were wondering why Jesus refers to Himself as the son of man:

As to passages where He identifies Himself as the Son of Man there are numerous verses. And @SAMBURU2020 gave you a great example of one! I’d recommend you check out the Blue Letter Bible app because I’m most familiar with it, or a concordance, or another Bible app that you can search for the specific words “Son of Man”… it should provide you with ample references to look into for further study.

Hope this helps and happy studying! :blush: