I'm looking for the old podcasts, hopefully as mp3 files

(kay liot) #1

I understand the difficulty of keeping media online as you shift and update your online presence. However I’m looking for the “Let My People Think” episodes from a few years ago.

I’d like to assure myself that these episodes are available, rather than falling out of use, however I don’t expect you to make any changes. Let me worry about that.

Thank you

(Brandon Jeffers) #2


Generally anything that has been on the radio within the last year or so can be found on our website. If there is a specific message you’re looking for, let us know, and we can look into this further for you.

(kay liot) #3

I’m looking for some of the old LMPT episodes on evil. Sorry I don’t have the number. I honestly believed that these episodes would have a stable URL from the way they were posted to the old website. This is for posting on social media, but I don’t really need them to be online, if I would have permission to share the episodes.

Thank you very much Mr. Jeffers.

(Brandon Jeffers) #4


You can browse our media library by going to rzim.org, navigating to the menu in the upper right corner, and clicking the link to “Search our Media Library.” This will allow you to explore our podcasts, articles, and videos on a wide variety of topics. All of our resources on the subject of evil can be viewed here. We hope this is helpful!