I'm unable to listen to podcasts on the RZIM website

(James Armbruster) #1

I have also been having trouble since the website was redesigned. The homepage appears blank other than the header and the footer, and while I can navigate to the Listen menu and select podcasts, the white triangle in white circle is not clickable. I am using iPad3 with safari browser.

How can I download the RZIM podcasts?
(Brandon Jeffers) #2


Some aspects of the new website are not compatible with older tech unfortunately. This can result in a lack of Listen functionality with certain devices such as older iPads or certain web browsers such as Internet Explorer. Sorry! Try pulling up the Listen page using a different device or web browser to see if it behaves the same. You can also listen to our podcasts through the RZIM app, which should be available to you in the App Store. Please let us know if you continue to encounter difficulty or have any other questions.