Imago Dei ... Is Being Made in His Image a Point or a Process?


Being made in the image of G-d has perhaps infinite implications, since YHVH is an infinite G-d, without beginning or end.

I have heard of FREE WILL as one important aspect of our IMAGE BEARING nature.

QUESTION #1: Does our INFINITE G-d EXERCISE free will in the same way as His CREATION does?

By His own admission in His REVELATION of Himself to us, He in His OMNICIENCE, knows the END from the BEGINNING.

So, If in His SOVEREIGNTY, YHVH before TIME determined that He would CREATE the WORLD and MANKIND and ISRAEL as His PEOPLE (and each of us as well), did He by CHOOSING Israel and even me and you with FREE WILL, relinquish His own FREE WILL as concerns His “FREE” CREATION?

When Yeshua teaches His DISCIPLES to PRAY in Matthew 6, and there teaches us to PRAY “Thy WILL be DONE in the EARTH as it is in HEAVEN,” Is this PRAYER a REFLECTION back to the IMAGO DEI?

Is the PRAYER a REVELATION itself of G-d’s DESIRE to have His WILL for US be MANIFESTED in the EARTH, as it have been even before TIME in HEAVEN.

A perfect ALIGNMENT of the WILL of the CREATION and the CREATOR, brings into FOCUS the MORTAL IMAGE with that of the DIVINE; with the EDGES blurred no more.

The CREATION’s FREE WILL, though not taken away, is perhaps held in ABEYANCE, much like what is TRUE of YHVH because there is no more BATTLE of the WILLS and the SPIRIT has TRIUMPHED over the SOUL (worldly nature).

Perhaps this is the PERFECTION that Paul admits to having not yet ATTAINED, yet he STRIVED TOWARD as the HIGHEST CALLING of G-d. This, I would think, would be only FULLY ATTAINED once GLORIFIED, when we will be LIKE HIM (no more merely the IMAGE of Him).



Hi, @Magnificatt! I’m slightly confused, and I was wondering if you could help me out with a little bit of clarity. :grimacing: I’m seeing your initial question in the title, and I understand ‘being made in his image’ as a process, but I’m not sure what you mean about ‘point’? In what sense are you using that word to contrast with ‘process’?

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First you shouldn’t be afraid saying GOD. My opinion on “let us make man in our image” statement means as following

  1. Our origin and reason of our existence is GOD. We have inherited properties of HIM as a person.
  2. The meaning of our existence would be pursuit of the truth , since GOD is the Truth.
  3. We’re moral beings just like HE is
  4. Our destiny can be eternal with HIM if we accept HIS redemption.
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Hi Kathleen, thanks for your response and sorry for the confusion.

Point versus Process, as I was writing I actually thought that might be problematic.

By POINT I meant is the imago dei set once we are given life by His breath? Do we hear His image as much as we ever will because of an act of His will? Is it therefore something akin to EYECOLOR, present and I changeable?

By PROCESS I meant is it anI INCHOATE attribute,? We might think of this one as GENOTYPE versus PHENOTYPE. Everything needed for its EXPRESSION I present but it’s full PHENOTYPICAL manifestation will depend on multiple variables in the lifelong experience of the individual. For example, the offspring of wold class BODY BUILDERS do not automatically grown into world class body builders, it would require an INTENTIONAL PROCESS.

Jude speaks of the FAITH ONCE FOR ALL DELIVERED TO THE SAINTS. That DELIVERY is CERTAIN and arguably stamped in TIME, but its full MANIFESTATION as G-d intended may be a LIFELONG INTENTIONAL PROCESS.

The question thence, is the IMAGO DEI, one, the other or somewhere in between.

Thanks again and Shalom.