In I Samuel 19:23-24 and 10:9-11, what does it mean when it talks about Saul prophesying?


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One question I’ve always had about the Bible is related to the nature of the prophetic word when the Spirit came upon Saul.

In I Samuel 19:23-24 and I Samuel 10:9-11, what exactly does it mean when it talks about Saul prophesying?

The image of a bunch of prophets all prophesying simultaneously sounds pagan and out of control - as compared to Paul the Apostles’ admonition in the New Testament to prophesy one at a time or even compared to other OT prophets who declared God’s Word. Ezekiel and Jeremiah did some strange things as pictures for the people, but I have simply never understood what on earth these prophets were doing when they were prophesying as a group…


Ask Amy Orr-Ewing (December 11-15, 2017)
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Hi Sean
It’s hard to imagine exactly what this did look like and as you say the New Testament is clear that prophecy in the early church and onwards should be given ‘decently and in order’. I think that God was able to speak in Old Testament times within that chaotic context by specifically inspiring individuals at particular points and Saul was one such. But the prophet Joel looked forward to the time after Jesus’ ascension when the Spirit would be poured out on ALL God’s people with gifts of prophecy. Praise God that we live in this era when that prophecy is being and has been fulfilled because of Jesus.

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@AmyOrrEwing Amen! I have always felt that God contextualizes His presence to His audience or perhaps that the people respond to God’s presence in different ways based upon their context.

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