In the Trinity what is meant by the Son of God? Also, where was Jesus before He came to earth?

Hello Abdu. This would be my second question. I hope I’m not bothering you but I can’t help to ask these questions to clarify myself as well as to defend it when in times I might face it and can bring Glory to HIM. My question is -
1.In the Trinity what exactly it is meant by Son or Son of God. Is it meant in earthly terms like relationship between a child and father or something more significant.
2. Where was Jesus before he came to this Earth ? Like as a Christian I believe God became man in the person of Jesus but where was he ( place ) and how was he ( what is the Trinity look like, 3 individual spirits or something) before being born as a man.

Would like you to please help me out with these questions.I hope I was able to clarify myself, if not please let me know so that I can reconstruct my question in a more detailed manner. Thank you.

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Great question, yet again!

I’m attaching a link to a dialogue I did with an very nice Muslim scholar (a former Hindu now Muslim) named Vinay on the question “who is God?” This might help a bit because we discuss the Trinity quite a bit (as I recall). Also, I wrote an entire chapter on this in my book Grand Central Question.

Before his incarnation, the second person of the Trinity, God the Son, existed in heaven, in a non-physical state. At the incarnation, God the Son “take on” human nature and a physical body. But take a look at the video for more on this beautiful doctrine of the Trinity:

Hope that helps!

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