In times of Suffering

(Vili) #1

Hi all
During my time in the Kibbutz, I have been partnered and roomating with a colleague who, although is 20, is a bit of a man child, and thinks he can do whatever he wants (like having sex with his girlfriend whilst I sleep in the same room), and thinks he can get away with it.

I keep praying to God for two things:

  1. To help me get out of this mess NOW, and move me some place else.

  2. If not that then to just give me the strength to do His will, but if path one is possible, then please provide.

In truth, I want path 1, not path 2. And to be honest, the girl that I really like might be the same one that slept with my colleague. I understand that if this is what God uses to make me towards becoming like Christ, but it hurts emotionally like hell.

I’ve tried sorting this out with the Kibbutz head, but because he’s volunteering longer she can’t do anything. I pray to God for justice and to help me, but I don’t feel like I can deal with it.

Please help

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @AlphaOmega,

That does not seem like a pleasant situation! It speaks to the power of desire - if we want something, we will go for it. Evidence, reason, morality - these can feel quite ephemeral and unimportant when our will wants something.

Are there some other alternatives? Can you talk to the leadership of the kibbutz? What prevents you from leaving the community and going somewhere that would be a better opportunity for your spiritual growth and personal/career development?

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(Vili) #3

Problem solved I guess
I’m moving to a new room without the leaderships permission (I’m sure they won’t mind) and then leave this guy to do what he wants.
Thanks for the suggestions though.