In what ways is the Bible relevant for Generation Z and the generations that will follow?

Good day Tejdor, in what ways is the Bible relevant for the Gen Z and the generation that will follow them?

This question is asked in every generation - is the Bible relevant in our contemporary culture? Paul in 2 Timothy 3, while writing about the last days, reminds Timothy on how from infancy he has known the Holy scriptures which are able to make him wise and also affirms that the scripture is “God-breath’. The philosophies and ideas of this world will keep on changing but the Scripture is eternal because God is eternal. The Psalmist says, “all your words are true ; all your righteous laws are eternal(Psalm 119:160). Since the word of God is true and eternal , it speaks to all generations. But the problem lies with the way it is being interpreted and lived out. In all my interaction with many people cutting across age group, cultures and settings it is exciting to see the continuing relevance of God’s word in contemporary culture. The Bible continues to speak to people in their different situations and needs because God continues to reach out and speak to people.
Another thing is that though the cultures and ideas change through time yet the basic fundamental questions about human realities such as life, death, destiny, God, meaning and purpose, suffering, love, morality and so on remains unchanged and will continue so as long as human beings exist. As mentioned, the Bible addresses these universal and perennial questions of life so therefore it will continue to be relevant to whatever generation.