In-Wook Yoo


My name is In-Wook Yoo.
I am originally from Korea and now living in Alpharetta.
I was going to church but couldn’t really believe it but I recently met Jesus Christ.
Even I believe in Jesus with all my heart, still lots of doubts are coming from scientific or historical evidence which contradicts the bible.
I want to explore apologetic more to strengthen my faith and share it with others.



Hello and welcome, you have a great place with diverse good caring people with insight into all the world views that are out there. It’s a comfortable place to learn.


Hi! What short name do you go by? Welcome, but I’m not very qualified to say that since I’ve been here less than an hour :grinning:



Welcome aboard @iyoo0517. We are glad that you have come alongside us here at connect. I think that you will find the community very helpful and kind. Please keep seeking as The Bible provides that you will find. The enemy attempts to put doubt into her mind but I can assure you that in every instance the Lord is faithful to provide you reasonable responses to the questions that crop up from time to time in your own journey as well as by skeptics. You are making very good choices. As those thoughts create doubt in your mind please do not hesitate to post them here. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome @iyoo0517, it’s a pleasure to meet you :slightly_smiling_face: I am thankful to hear you have recently met Jesus. You are not alone in your struggle with doubt. There are so many conversations to read through and glean from. I trust the Lord will guide you as you browse through this forum. Feel free to engage, asking questions and sharing any insight you have as well :pray:t3:


@iyoo0517 Nice to meet you!

Welcome to Connect! What name do your friends call you so that we may know how to address you please? Do you live in Alpharetta, Georgia? We are so happy to have you join us on Connect! This is certainly a good place to find answers to some very hard questions. There are so many knowledgable and encouraging people here. I have a feeling you will find the answers you seek. God bless you as you grow in knowledge and faith! :blush:

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So pleased to meet you @iyoo0517 welcome to the Christian faith and to connect. I am pleased to meet you and I trust you will find answers here. Cast all your burdens upon the Lord for He cares for you.


hi! you can call me Luke!
Nice to meet you!

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thanks! very excited!

thanks! God bless you too! :slight_smile:

thanks! I will do my best to contribute to the community!

nice to meet you too!

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You can call me Luke! and yes I live in Alpharetta GA!
I am very excited to engage in interesting conversations!


Thanks for you the warm welcome!

Ok Luke! Since this is not your home country I hope you have been able to make a good life for self in the US and feel at home as much as you can. How long have you lived in the US?

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Hi Luke, Welcome to connect!

Thank you Luke it is a exciting, special place.

Welcome Luke. @iyoo0517,

It is wonderful you met Jesus, you mentioned

Please give the Connect community a chance to explore these concerns with you. :cherry_blossom: