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Incredible testimony

Aren’t all Christian testimonies incredible? Yes, they are. Each one is a powerful example of God supernaturally bringing life to the eead, regeneration to the lost, telling dry bones to rise! Each conversion story points us back to our Sovereign Lord Jesus who holds the keys to death and Hades by rising from the dead. And yet, wow, David Wood’s testimony really blew me away! He was the former atheist turned Christian who led Nabeel Qureshi to Christ. Nabeel hadn’t wanted to focus too much on David’s backstory in “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” as he hadn’t wanted it to derail his own powerful story and because David had not, at that time, gone public with it. The verse from Ezekiel is quoted in the youtube video about hearts of stone being replaced by hearts of flesh. If you ever wanted a living example of that Biblical truth, you have one in this testimony.


I agree! I found the book by Nabeel Qureshi so helpful in realising what it sometimes takes to show someone the truth of the gospel. His testimony is incredible, because God was working directly in his life, but also David Wood was obedient and faithful to God as he steadfastly conversed with Nabeel and prayed for him. It’s helped me realise that I need to be willing to give much in time and prayer for the sake of bringing someone to know Christ. The testimony of one person coming to Christ is worth all our time and prayer.

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