Individual will for the believer

Is there an Individual will that GOD has for each believer in the life ?
If there is an individual will then can we say that there is a particular job, vocation and spouse that GOD had worked into that Individual will?


Hi Ashkay,
This is a good question, and always very personal for all of us. Am I where God wants me to be in life? When life is going well, we don’t even stop and ask this question at all - we assume that because life is fine, and we are healthy and can pay our bills, that we are in the will of God. But when life goes wrong or we become sick, this causes us to really stop and question things.

I don’t think necessarily there is an explicit will of God for a particular job or spouse that we have to know before making a decision, but on the flipside - God has made us all unique with special talents and skills that we can use for Him, regardless of where we are in life. Things we are interested in, and skills we have naturally lead us towards pursuing these career paths or perhaps a particular life partner.

Perhaps some of these conversation threads (with a couple of book resources if interested) below might be of interest to have a read through? Just be encouraged with the verse that ‘All things work together for those that love God and are called according to His purposes’. Do you have a scenario that you’d like to share or just looking to grow closer to God?
kind regards

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