Hi everyone, I’m from Indonesia but currently in Brisbane, Australia.
I join the Connect RZIM for the #ThankYouRavi testimonies.
I’ve always been a fan of Mr Ravi’s teachings. Been listening to his talks on the radio since I was in high school (thats like…25-30 years ago). His talks have been a great great blessing in my walk with Christ and to my parents as well… in 2016 I got the chance to meet Mr Ravi for my church conference. I only did a very brief interview for the conference highlight with him. But I am so humbled that God gave the opportunity for me to meet my hero and had a little chat with him too. On the same day my mom also got a chance to take a picture with him. We were really happy sharing those moments together. And few months later, unexpectedly… my mom got pancreatic cancer and then 6 month later gone home to heaven. Fast forward about 3 years after, on the 1000th days since her passing, in that same day I notice about Mr Ravi’s health condition. Straight away I was so sad… not ready to see him go. However on the other side, I’m happy also… because he will be in heaven and finally meet Jesus… and I guess my mom will get the chance to meet him again ^^… so… yea…thats just little something about me…

I dont know if I can contribute anything in here… but I’m sure I will learn a lot from reading everyones questions and testimonies. I pray that more people will be blessed with this ministry. Thank you for the RZIM ministry team… your works have been a blessing to me and my family. God bless…


Hi @Mynameisingka so lovely for me to hear you’re words- that our loved ones who have died here, have ‘gone home’. God bless you sister.


Hi Cate lovely to meet you.
Thank you. God bless you too :purple_heart::pray:


Dear Ingkania Daenuwy,

Your testimony of encounters with brother Ravi is inspiring to me. I watched him speak many years ago but did not get to meet him like this. Must have been fun. And your encouraging way in your post has already begun contribution to the building of God’s kingdom here in RZIM Connect, as the Lord uses each believer’s life to brighten lives around them, so He is using you.

Thank you,


Thanks Kenneth. Amen!

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Welcome to connect @Mynameisingka. It is very good to have you joining us from Australia. I appreciate your recollection and experience. Thank you for sharing that. Your post exemplifies what connect is all about. Just encouraging each other. And, engaging in conversations about our Lord and the impact he has on our lives. God-bless you and your journey.


Hello @Mynameisingka and thank you so much for sharing your story of you and your Mum meeting Ravi. We are certainly blessed to worship a God who gives eternal life, and therefore eternal fellowship, with all who put their trust in Him. I look forward to having the chance to interact with you through the site :slightly_smiling_face:.

God bless


Amen! Thanks Brian. Looking forward too :raised_hands:


Hi Keldon,
Couldn’t agree more. Thank you. Gbu2