Injeel and the NT gospels

Hi all.

For those new to Muslim theology, the Injeel is believed by Muslims to be a “book” given to Jesus by an angel. It is the equivalent of the Qur’an, supposedly given to Muhammad by the angel Gabriel. Such books are entirely composed of statements supposedly straight from God.

Typically, Muslims say that the 4 gospels are the Injeel, though they also say they are badly corrupted. But recently a Muslim friend said that the Injeel was lost very early on and that the gospels only contain a little of the original Injeel.

Has anyone else come across that? If so, what approach did you take?


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Hi @kenyamel. I have been told this by Muslim friends many times, and generally I have two responses:

  1. If the original was lost, how do they know that what we have now has been corrupted? There is nothing to compare it to. Also, we have manuscripts from various countries and time periods, but when the manuscripts are compared, they all have the same message - surely an uncorrupted original would have surfaced somewhere!

  2. If Allah was able to preserve and protect the Qu’ran, why was he not able to do the same for the Injeel? Especially as he seems to tell Muslims to seek answers from ‘people of the book’ in the Qu’ran. That line from the Qu’ran is now meaningless and obsolete. And if the Injeel could be corrupted (and there is no evidence it has been) they how can they have confidence that the Qu’ran has not suffered the same?

There are lots more things you can say or ask, and perhaps others will post here, but that has been my usual line. Hope that is helpful. Blessings.


Hey Mel,
I really like your question!
I have heard this rule of thumb to reply on such questions. Here are the questions you could ask:

  1. If you say the Injeel has been modified, when exactly did that happen?
    If the reply is that it was modified before the writing if the Quran then, as stated in the previous reply, why would Mohamad want to quote a wrong modified Injeel?
  2. Where are the modified parts in the Injeel? And for what purpise have they been modified?
    If they answer to say something like it was modified to show that Jesus is God or that salvation is throught Jesus; there case would be illogical since all the Bible from Genesis till Revelations is grounded with such principles.
    I hope these are of any help.
    Thanks for asking that question Mel
    Many blessings

Hi Keith,

Your questions are good ones.

I asked him to tell what parts of the New Testament are from this missing njeel. He has not yet responded. I am hoping he will start reading the gospels in his attempt to answer the question, which he has resisted for over a year!

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I said something very similar to what you wrote to me friend. I am waiting for a response.

Hi @kenyamel. Yes, let’s pray that he reads the gospels and meets Jesus for himself :slightly_smiling_face: I know so many people from a Muslim background who became followers of Jesus by just reading His words.
There’s a quote I love, it says something like: ‘I defend the Bible the same way I defend a lion. I let it loose!’

If he continues the conversation with you, he might answer Linda’s question of ‘When was the Injeel corrupted?’ with the response ‘After the Qu’ran was written,’ but there are big problems with that. Christianity had already spread across Europe, parts of Africa and into Britain by that stage - that’s a lot Injeel’s to hunt down and change. If before the Qu’ran was written, then why mention seeking answers from People of the Book?

I really hope he continues the conversation with you and more than that, that he encounters Jesus.