Intent of the Content of the Questioner?

A fellow devotion contributor is initiating study of Truth. I have promised to use Ravi Zacharias’ s statement-" intent of the content of the questioner". I cannot locate the date, time, or article in my notes. Can you help. I believe RZ was talking about Pontius Pilate and Jesus.


Hi @Al_Clarke,

Sorry for the delay. We’ve not been able to track down that exact statement, but in his book Can Man Live Without God, Ravi does make the statement that “intent is prior to content.” He uses this phrase in two different articles which also mention Pontius Pilate and which you can read on our website. They are titled “The Inextinguishable Light” (written for Just Thinking) and “Embodied Truth” (written for A Slice of Infinity). Hopefully this helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.


a GOOD start for our study group

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my notes indicate Ravi broadcast 7-7-2013 n Intent of the content, I cant find it. This will be a great discussion starter