Interested in Stuart McAllister's lecture at NRBTV Defending Truth Conference 2017

I recently watched a broadcast of a talk by Stuart McAllister at the 2017 NRBTV Defending Truth Conference. I was interested in finding it online so that I may review it once more at my own pace. I tried searching Google, YouTube, and RZIM’s webpage. The only thing I can find is the Q&A. Do you know if this is available to listen to again? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @michele,

It doesn’t appear that we have made this available anywhere ourselves. Because NRBTV hosted the event, you may be able to contact them directly about the message and access it from them however. I’m not sure if they offer this particular message, but they do have a streaming option for their content.
You can see what they offer at, and you can contact them by email at

I appreciate you taking time to check into this for me. Have a great day.