Interpreting Revelation: Is the city of Babylon an actual city in the present day?

I have been studying Revelation. My question is, is the city of Babylon an actual city in the present day? So much described in this book about Babylon seems to describe the USA. I’m hoping my impression is wrong.


@karen Good question :slight_smile: As far as I know, no respected scholar identifies Babylon as the USA. There are different ways of interpreting Revelation, and those from different schools interpret Babylon differently. Below I list the four views. Then in a separate list how each view interprets Babylon. Please do read Steve Gregg’s book or a similar comparative study if you are studying Revelation.

1 - Futurist - the idea that most of Revelation will occur at the end of history right before the return of Christ
2 - Partial Preterist - most of Revelation was fulfillment by the events surrounding the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD and now we only await the return of Christ and new heavens / new earth
3 - Idealist - Revelation has no historical fulfillment - it is instead a depiction of the great struggle that is ongoing in every generation between God’s Kingdom and evil world empires
4 - Historicist - each section of Revelation represents a different portion of history - so we could break history into chunks of a few hundred years and correlate them to Revelation (Roman Empire, Muslim invasions, Papacy) - this view is not common anymore

1 - Babylon may be a revived Roman empire or a great apostate religious entity
2 - Babylon is identified as either ancient Jerusalem or Rome
3 - Babylon represents the world system as the seducer of the godly
4 - Babylon represents false religious systems overthrown by the reformation


Without getting too in-depth Babylon is a current place (modern day Iran/Iraq). Not the USA. You must compare scripture with scripture. Consider studying Daniel and Ezekiel. Even Isiaih. These prophets dealt with much end time prophecy that coincide with Revelation. The USA does not harmonize at all with anything else you will find on the subject of end times biblically.

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