Interview with Cold Case Homicide Detective J. Warner Wallace, Pt. 1

In this episode, Abdu sits down with his friend and nationally recognized cold case homicide detective J. Warner Wallace to talk about the nature of evidence, how cases are built using evidence, and attitudes that investigators have when trying to determine “what happened.” Along the way, they apply the discussion to our individual searches for the truth about Jesus.

There are a lot of ways to discuss this dynamic podcast. I think one of the main takeaways I am impressed with is that while our personal testimony is valuable and worthy of discussion, our testimony about Jesus Himself is what is truly necessary when witnessing. James Wallace makes the point that many people have testimonies of changed lives that have nothing to do with Truth of Christ.

So it’s valuable to discuss and asses the message that led to the change.

I think to take it a little further, if you encounter people who have experienced changed lives, it would be very interesting to dialog about that change.
What was the message that changed their life?
Why do they think the change was good?
What is the standard that defines good change?
Does the change have temporary, lifetime or possibly eternal impact?

What are your thoughts on this podcast?


Hello April, :cherry_blossom:

Abdu and J. Warner Wallace have a great rapport together during the podcast, and I can only assume, in person as well. I am familiar with Jim Wallace through his books and video series, but Abdu was able to create questions that revealed more of the personal human side of Mr Wallace.

J. Warner Wallace’s books have helped me open the door to teach apologetics to younger Bible students. His detective series for younger readers, Cold Case Christianity, God’s Crime Scene, & Forensic Faith, elicited not only participation, but exploratory discussions as well. My students found new understanding of who God is and how things were ordered is such a logical way.

Many thanks for this recent podcast, I am anticipating the follow up broadcast. :tulip:


@HopeforLife1 Glad you enjoyed the podcast! I really enjoyed Wallace’s book as well, and am encouraged that you have incorporated these great resources into your curriculum. I think Cold Case Christianity offers a fresh look at the amazing legacy of evidence and truth the Lord has provided, and offers a challenge to apply ourselves to the gospel with courage.

I’m praying those discussions with your students will continue to inspire thoughtful consideration of all God’s Word has for us in life!

I am looking forward to part 2 as well. I think we may be able to expect it next week.

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