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Greetings to all of you! My name is Amy

I am from everywhere (actually born in Georgia, USA), but my father was active Army Chaplain and we moved frequently. I am grateful to call myself and Army Brat. I gave my heart and life to Jesus over 30 years ago. I am a former homeschool tutor, an artist (illustrator/portrait artist etc), landscape artist, mom of three, caregiver and grandmother to one child and I live in Greenville South Carolina.

My concern is to reach people for the gospel. I truly want to be salt and light wherever I go, wherever I am and even through social media be a vessel for which Christ can freely use. My desire is to be better equipped and able to respond intelligibly, with respect to others in discussions, whether face to face or on social media. Often times I find myself standing alone in support for human life and the unborn especially in or among those in the arts and entertainment industry and in the area of public education for which my husband has worked for 24-25 years now.
Am not sure exactly how I hope to contribute, but certainly desire to.

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Hello Amy @Artsy

So glad you are here!

What great goals! I really enjoyed the way you stated them.

Yes, it can be ‘lonely’ out there! One of the most important things I learned in the RZIM Core Module was to ask questions. I have some friends, like many of yours, who do not share my views. Some of them were continually bringing their views into the conversation, yet without allowing any conversation about them. Those relationships changed for the better when I started asking them questions. One friend did say that someday she wanted to hear what I believed. Someday has not yet come, but it is a door that is now open which had been closed.

Looking forward to your contributions here!

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My experience in recent months with Christians as well as non-Christians when I have posed questions, they have expressed to me that Gods actions, calling for the destruction of people (namely women and children ) in the Old Testament presents God as genocidal. This perception of God in their thinking provides us with permission to terminate life in the womb. I believe that the Old Testament reveals Gods character, his very nature. He is just and fair, providing warnings and judging evil. The old testament does not reveal a God that is in favor of genocide, but capital punishment.

It seems that we commit similar sins in our present day and there is no sense of moral outrage over it. Likely because our own sins have become acceptable or in some cases viewed as normal and not a big deal.

How can we properly dialogue with people who try to portray God as somehow being ok with abortion?
I have had dialogue with people who truly embrace the belief that until an unborn baby takes its first breath that it is not truly human. Those that are “Christian” and embrace this view seem to link this belief to scriptures referencing God breathing life, such as when Adam was made and God breathed life into him. And they discount the fact that when a human life is conceived that the life of that unborn child contains completely separate DNA from the mother. They discount that completely and refuse to view an unborn child as a viable human life.

My heart grieves when I hear and see fellow Christian friends vigilantly as well as publicly advocate for abortion and applaud abortion via personal conversations, social media etc.

I know that only God can change hearts, I just hope that I can plant seeds and encourage those I meet to seek truth.

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Sal, I want to thank you for your response. I agree that relationships are changed for the better when we ask questions. I believe the Lord really works through relationships. I truly hope that someday will come when your friends asks to hear what you believe. Until then I pray God continue to plant seeds in her life.

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I would love to know the kinds of questions you would be asking if in my shoes. :grin:

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I really like what you said about God being in favour of capital punishment, not genocide. There are several places in the OT where God spoke of why He wanted the Canaanites completely destroyed: Deut. 18:9-11 says they had abhorrent practices, among them sacrificing their sons and daughters by burning them to death. Gen. 15:16 says that God told Abraham that He would bring back his descendants to the land when the sin of the Amorites reached its limit.
I find abortion in the case of rape or in the case of a threat to the mother’s life is a hard thing to give a blanket statement on. But most abortion is for convenience. Isn’t that a bit like slavery because the mistreatment of slaves was for the convenience of the southern economy? Sometimes when I watch angry women protesting their right to choose what she believes is good for her, I envision an angry slave owner protesting his right to choose what he believes is good for him.

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(Sieglinde) #7

Welcome @Artsy :slightly_smiling_face: Well you have certainly contributed throughout your life and I’m sure you will contribute here as well. God will certainly use you because you are willing. I look forward to your insight :heart:

(Heidi Mitchell) #8

Welcome Amy! @Artsy
So glad you’ve joined…my husband is also in public education :slight_smile:
Great to read some of your thoughts on things- thankful for your passion for the unborn!

(Sally Alexander) #9

That is a tough stance. Perhaps these may be applicable.
I read somewhere that it can take 5 “whys” to get to the root of a situation. It was aimed at taking down the strongholds in our own lives. Could it also be a key in these conversations? An author who teaches moral reasoning teaches that, at least in his research and experience, the word “Why” shuts down open conversation. He suggests asking in other ways, like
“What brought you to that conclusion?” or
“How did you come to think that?” Or, perhaps in this case,
“Can you give me an example of that?”

In a single conversation it may not be possible to ask 5 consecutive questions without them feeling defensive, but, maybe over time. It is likely that many have no reason other than “everybody knows that” or they read it in a book, which leads to another question: “What gives you that impression”, or "What leads you to think that author is trustworthy or knowledgeable?
In some cases, it may be helpful to challenge them to read His Word for themselves.

I wholeheartedly agree! Next, I would consider asking questions about evil, targeting those things which were done by the cultures which were destroyed.

How do you feel about people who burn babies alive?
What do you think should be done to people who do this routinely?
What if these people not only did this, but believed it was a morally good act and aggressively persuaded others to also do this?
What if they refused to be convinced that this was not a morally good act and continued to aggressively encourage others to do it?

These answers hopefully lead to some common ground.

Most of the people you’ve mentioned at least acknowledge there is a deity or a possibility of one. Along that line, I might attempt to give them insight into His point of view. We are His created ones. He calls us (those who love Him) His body. With that idea, you might ask questions along these lines:

Do you love your body?
Would you deliberately hurt yourself?

How would you describe cancer? What is cancer to you?
What are traditional treatments for cancer?
If you had cancer, what would you do?

Ideally, they would give an answer similar to the one given by
see headings What cancers have in common and Treatment.
Summary - Cancer cells crowd out normal cells so the body cannot work properly. Left untreated, it can end in death. Treatment requires killing or removing the cells from the body.

Conclusion: Regardless of how much one loves their body, it is an act of love and mercy to remove or kill their own cells, if they are cancer, in order to save their body/life.

Or, if they would not do traditional cancer treatment,
Would you cut off your leg for no reason?
Would you cut off your leg, if it had an aggressively spreading gangrene or other infection that threatened your life?

Might a loving deity remove an evil culture that the rest of mankind might live?

Just some thoughts to get you started.

(Tara Pauls) #10

A hearty welcome Amy! I am so glad you have joined us here on Connect. I know that God can and will use you here as well as offline because you desire for Him to do so. Your heart for those who do not yet know the gospel and especially the unborn is commendable. I look forward to interacting with you in this community! Welcome, and God bless!:blush:

(Lara S.) #11

Hi Amy! Blessed by your desire to stand up for the unborn. I, too, am passionate about the rights of the unborn and human life. It’s been a privilege for me to support an organization here in LA called “Avenues” which is part of the larger Crisis Pregnancy Center locally. They do good work in leading women to Christ and supporting them in their choice for life. I am in public education and I always welcome connecting with other believers in my field - we need each other!

(Amy Renee Holland Hendrix) #12

Thank you Sal, you provided some great questions and a truly respectful approach. I want to respond more about this and in depth, but am limited on time right now. This is one of those times when expressing to the Lord my need for help I physically see it provided in such a tangible way. I have been praying for the Lord to equip me better. Thank you. More later. :blush:

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(Amy Renee Holland Hendrix) #13

Hi Roslyn. I understand the apprehension many people have when it comes to rape, incest or the threat to a mother’s life. My thoughts regarding this are that the sin of a man should never be a death sentence for an innocent unborn child. I feel quite strongly about this because in my youth I was assaulted and for three months deliberated over what to do. I spent a lot of time pleading with the Lord over this and it became clear to me that I had no right to end the life of any child let alone mine.
I was honestly more afraid of how I would be viewed by people and my family, but at the end of the day I really fear God more than man. The question posed to my mind back then was what will I say about the “choice “ I made when I stand alone before God. Would I say:
“But God it wasn’t my fault, that man did this", or “my life would have been so thrown off course, time lost, etc.” I had my answer. I would not, could not destroy life because of the wrong done to me. I suppose for Christian women our approach in processing through things after a traumatic experience likely differs from a non-Christian woman or girl. Which is why we need to reach out in love and show compassion. I understand the trepidation over such circumstances as these. And a part of me continues to ask the Lord whether that “choice” should be denied other women. Although my assault did not result in a pregnancy, I do realize I had in my possession free will regarding my decision. I really feel weird saying that, because I don’t want a single unborn child to be denied the right to life. I am committed to praying about this. I sincerely believe reforms need to take place when it comes to adoption and I pray the church will step up to the plate and do a lot more than they are doing in partnering with pregnancy crisis clinics and unwed homes for moms as well as fostering and adoption and doing all they can to improve those options. As Christian’s we are so often ridiculed for taking a strong pro-life position, in some cases by our doing very little to help women and young girls beyond just helping them change their minds about the child they carry.

(Amy Renee Holland Hendrix) #14

Hi Lara, My goddaughter is from Whitier California. Sounds like you have your plate full. I am grateful to hear you are in public education as we need Christians there being salt and light. Praise God for organizations and ministries that reach out and help these young women and girls. I so very much agree with you…We NEED each other!!!

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(Amy Renee Holland Hendrix) #15

God bless you and God bless your husband as he works in our public schools. Talk about a mission field! So thankful to connect with you and others. I believe God has already blessed me through Connect. What an amazing opportunity we have here.

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I have a question. Out of the books written by Ravi Zacharias, which would you most recommend to someone working with youth (middle and high school students)? Keep in mind these are kids with TONS of questions and so many on topics that are permeating our present culture and times. If there is more than one book that comes to mind, please list them all. I tend to be the inquisitive type myself. And am seemingly always hungry, lol! So not a bad idea to devour more of the Word and some of Ravi’s books, I should be well equipped and my thoughts and words spoken will line up better with the Word.

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(Sally Alexander) #17

Hi Amy! @Artsy,
I have not read his books. I found him on youtube a few months ago, listed to him present and answer questions at a some challenging / liberal universities, then found RZIM and signed up.

I have taken the Core Module from RZIM, which I do highly recommend. It takes a couple hours a week (most weeks) for 12 weeks and covers the basics Ravi uses as he effectively responds to the wide variety of questions asked by students, who can be antagonistic towards the Gospel and anyone who believes it. A couple weeks have assignments asking you to practice what you have learned. Those take more time, but are definitely worth it! I I think it may be just what you are looking for.

Can anyone else recommend one / some of his books that might be best for Amy?

(Sally Alexander) #18

Amy @Artsy I am so sorry for the attack, but so glad He used it to plant His Will deep in your being.

Another issue which directly affects right to life, is that many Christian groups which were once very active in adoptions have closed because of the current laws, which require them to violate their core and firmly held beliefs. It is not only groups, but Christian families who have left or refrained from fostering and adoption for the same reason. We have lost so much ground.

(Amy Renee Holland Hendrix) #19

Hi Sal, I will see about doing the Core Module, that sounds like a very worthwhile thing to do. I don’t have a great deal of time over the summer, but will look into this next month.

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(John) #20

Hi Amy,
Welcome to this community. The prime responsibility of a Christian is to introduce Jesus to others who never met Him. It is appreciative that you have concern for that. May God lead you and guide you.