Intro: Anthony Pribadi

Hi all,

I received the invite to join RZIM Connect after registering for the EAP in Oct 2019. I registered for the program hoping to learn more about my faith and the building blocks of my faith and I hope to be able to be a more effective speaker for God’s glory whenever I engage with my family, friends, and colleagues.

I am from Jakarta, Indonesia but I have been living in Singapore for the past 10 years.

I am looking forward to be edified by reading the posts on this platform.

God bless.



Hi @anthony.pribadi,

Welcome! I know you’re going to have an incredible experience at the Singapore EAP! The team is fantastic. I hope you’ll find encouragement and joy in practicing what you learn at the program in Connect. Every day many questioners come to this community anxious for answers, a caring word, and a prayer. We’d be honored to have you and other EAP participants engage with them as part of your own walk with Christ.


Welcome, Anthony! It’s exciting to be able to connect with others across the globe.


Hello and Welcome! Kristan to @anthony.pribadi

We are so glad to have you hear. I admire your pursuit for learning and development in faith for the glory of God. It is good to have zeal that is based on knowledge.

Be free to join the conversations. Looking forward to learning from you.


Welcome @anthony.pribadi, thank you for your passion, it’s wonderful to have you here :heart: I trust you will be edified by the various conversations here. There are many knowledgeable people here, taking great care to answer questions with love and respect. Enjoy reading and engaging with us :pray:


Dear Anthony
It’s really great to have you aboard too. Welcome to the forum!!


So excited for you, @anthony.pribadi! I pray that the EAP will both encourage and enrich your faith and your ministry! Looking forward to having you as a part of this community. :grin: Blessings to you!