Intro: Carol

Hi I’m Carol. My husband and I retired to Arizona. I want to always be able to give an answer to more people my reason for hope in Christ.


Hi Carol, may you enjoy your journey in retirement as well as your trek to deeper truth and understanding to be ready to give an answer as to why you believe? Enjoy the warmth of a :handshake: and a welcoming spirit as you engage.

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Welcome aboard @iCarol. Glad to have you joining connect from Arizona. I was tempted to covet the retirement to Arizona. Both my boys live in Arizona and Gilbert and San tan. My wife and I are getting closer to being their most of the winters now. I so look forward to it is I have a grandson there and a new grandchild about to be here. Thanks for joining our ranks. I hope you enjoyed the discussions and are better equipped to provide responses for the hope that you have been him 1st Peter 315. God-bless you and your journey.


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Welcome Carol - that’s a very worthy goal you have - look forward to hearing from you!

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Hello Carol, :cherry_blossom:

It is lovely to have you here on connect, this is the same reason I sought out RZIM several years ago. I have found though, the more I know the more questions I have. :smile:

Enjoy connect, take your time to navigate through the site, here is link on a quick overview. :tulip:

RZIM Connect: One Minute Overview Video

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