Introducing Jeff

Hi, I’m connecting from Kansas City. I heard about Connect on the Let My People Think podcast.

I have been very impressed by the many RZIM speakers on Youtube. They have really contributed to my understanding.

I came here to learn and hope to contribute at some point.


Glad you are here Jeff. There is the opportunity to ask questions and learn here. By being involved, you are contributing.


Awesomeness here to learn also


Hi @Jeffreygb, welcome to connect, we are glad to have you here :slightly_smiling_face: I love the podcast through RZIM. I am on the road a good deal and when I drive by myself, I binge on them. I just listened to “Ask Away” yesterday. It was titled “What kind of God would command Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac.” Jo Vitale really cleared up so much for me.
Enjoy your time here and please feel free to engage :pray:t3:


Welcome aboard @Jeffreygb. Glad you found your way here. Have you been to the house of prayer in Kansas City? Let my people think is a very good Podcast. I tried to catch it each week. I trust you will find the discussions and engagement here a blessing and helpful in your faith walk. Look forward to reading your posts. God-bless you and your journey.

Hi @sig. I really enjoyed the Abraham/ Isaac explanation too. Makes a lot of sense.

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I’m looking forward to seeing you give input! That day will be here much sooner than you think!

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Thank you for the encouragement. Had not heard of the House of Prayer. I attend a Baptist church on the Kansas side.

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Nice to hear from you. I am an aspiring (long time in demo) forex trader.

Check it out.
My best to you.

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Hi @Jeffreygb,

I’m so pleased you joined Connect and introduced yourself. I hope you will share what you’ve learned from the RZIM team in this community. There are a tremendous number of questioners who raise the most interesting questions each day - and these discussions are read by thousands of silent learners. It is a real opportunity to love our neighbors and see our efforts multiplied by God’s grace.