Introducing me, myself and I

(Elizabeth Yoakum) #1

Hello everyone out there in cyberland! Thank you for the invite. My name is Elizabeth. I come from a very movie style background that is filled with diverse people, dramatic scenes and lots of traditions. We have a lot of none traditional ways as well. I was blessed with the art of wdebates ell as counsel and many feel I should of been in law. I’ve always had a desire to be efficient in apologetics, however, life never allowed time. God now has. I am in a season where I was let go of my job of 20 plus years due to a merger with nothing but our apologies and a thank you. I officially received the hint and im looking to broaden my knowledge and hopefully if it’s in His will take classes on scholarship. I’m excited to see what Father has lined up for me.

(Nic Shoffner) #2


(LaTricia J.) #3

Welcome to Connect @lizmerlino, we’re happy to have you hear. You will definitely come in contact with a diverse group here all sharing perspectives and learning from one another. We look forward to your participation and growing alongside you!

(Carson Weitnauer) #4

Hi @lizmerlino,

Welcome - I’m glad you’ve joined. I trust this will be an encouraging environment as you grow in apologetics and how to apply that knowledge in a humble, loving way. May God provide strength and wisdom as you seek for the next steps in life.

(Robert J Merrill) #5