Introducing myself!

Hi everyone! My name is Marc Genovese

I am from Bristol, Connecticut.

I have recently graduated from RZIM academy core module course! It has been the most amazing journey and learning process I have had. The information and teachings have equipped me with tools and knowledge that I can naturally use now! My eyes were opened to many ways of reaching people rather than a question. Connecting the head to the heart!

I pray that God uses me as a vessel to help anyone come to Christ and will bring glory to his name!


Welcome aboard, Marc. Yes, the core module is very informative and mind opening. I also just finished earlier this year. Hope you will have the chance to continue to take other courses. Each one is equally amazing. Also hope that you will enjoy the discussion that is going on here in Connect.


Good hearing from you @genovese.marc

It is good hearing from you and your enthusiasm which can NOT be missed :slight_smile:
I just spoke to my son about connecting the head to the heart. God gave us an analytical mind as well as emotional mind. God loves our emotions, as I am sure he gets a kick out of us at times as He bursts out in laughter about our behavior or comments, and then again He interestingly listens to us as we logistically reason … We are both, heart and mind and yes, both go together; He made us like that because He said it is good.
Wishing you all the best as you reach souls for Gods kingdom


Welcome aboard @genovese.marc. Thank you for joining us. Congratulations on completing the core module. I trust that course was instrumental in your faith path. What would you say was the most impactful? Is a blessing to have another alumni joining our ranks. God-bless you and your journey. Look forward to reading your posts.